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UPDATED 3/10/2021: The City & Borough of Juneau Emergency Operations Center has lowered the overall community risk to Level 1. The Zach Gordon Youth Center is open it’s usual hours. Cloth face coverings are required and can be provided if needed. A quick health screening will be administered at arrival. Warm meals will be available and youth may take home extra meals if they would like. Zach Gordon staff look forward to seeing you! For questions, please call ZGYC at 586-2635 or email

Youth Shelter

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The Zach Gordon Youth Center and Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority partnered to open Shéiyi X̱aat Hit (Spruce Root House) to serve as emergency shelter for runaway and homeless youth in our community. Shéiyi X̱aat Hit is a six-bed home, serving youth ages 10-17 who have runaway, are homeless, or are at immediate risk of either.

If you or someone you know is in need of shelter services, please contact us at 907.364.7481. Shéiyi X̱aat Hit is located at 9290 Hurlock Ave and is open 24/7.

About the shelter

The name Shéiyi Xaat Hít, which means Spruce Root House, was gifted to the project by X’unei Lance Twitchell. He also gifted this beautiful video to share more about the values behind the name, as well as how to pronounce it correctly.