Parks and Rec Projects

Capital School Park Improvements

Budget: $2 Million

Contractor: MRV Architects, Anderson Land & Planning and PND Engineers

Estimated Completion: 

Project Contact: Michael Eich
Phone: (907) 586-0874
Aerial shot of Capital School Park
Project Stage = Design

Project Overview

1/4/2021: CBJ and MRV Architects will be holding a virtual community meeting on Tuesday, January 12 at 6 p.m. to discuss the planned park reconstruction, design ideas and results from the survey. 214 people participated in the survey that closed on January 3. To view the recording of the Capital School Park community meeting, go here.

If you wish to receive design and construction updates throughout the Capital School Park Improvements project, please email to be added.

12/9/2020: The project team wants to hear from the people who frequently use the park for their outdoor, cultural and recreational needs. This survey will ask a series of ranking and open-ended questions to gain an understanding of current park values, uses and needs for the community and will take approximately 5-10 minutes. The survey closed on January 3, 2021 at 5 p.m.

Capital School Park is a historic landscape; portions of this area were used as a school from 1887 to 1997. The adjacent Terry Mill Building served as a high school and elementary school from 1928 to 1997. It is located in a residential neighborhood, adjacent to the Capitol Building, and a few block from Juneau’s Downtown business district. Tourists often come to this park as it is the closest playground to the waterfront.  It also serves as a school play area for a nearby childcare center and preschool.

The park currently has cultural features including totems and the Empty Chair Memorial. It also includes a tot lot, swings, playground structure, open play area, picnic area, sledding hill, and landscaping beds. Much of the infrastructure including the play equipment, tables, benches, retaining wall, drainage system and landscaping are in need of repair. In 2012, a master plan was developed with community input to guide future park reconstruction. This project will update the master plan with public outreach including a survey, community meeting and interviews with various stakeholders to understand needs and uses of the park. Using the input from the community, the master plan will be developed into construction drawings. The construction is partially funded by sales tax dollars. Additional funding is pending based on bond sales and project allocations.

The CBJ Engineering Division, Parks and Recreation Department, MRV Architects, Anderson Land Planning and PND Engineers are collaborating to facilitate the public outreach and complete the design phase of this project.

Project Meetings

06:00 PM
Zoom Webinar (link above)
Capital School Park Improvements Community Meeting