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Augustus Brown Swimming Pool Renovation

Budget: $8 Million

Contractor: Dawson Construction

Estimated Completion: 02/28/2024

Project Contact: Steve Tada
Phone: (907) 586-0894
Email: [email protected]
AGB Pool
Project Stage = Construction

Project Overview

In October 2017, voters approved Proposition 1, which included $5 million in renovations for Augustus Brown Swimming Pool. The project was initially scheduled to take place during the summer of 2020.

The project was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the delay of the project and increased material costs from inflation, additional funds were needed to complete the project. In 2021, the Assembly allocated an additional $3 million in funds and the contract was awarded to Dawson Construction in the fall of 2022.

Construction is scheduled to begin in April of 2023 with the following scope of work:

  • Both air handling units will be replaced for optimum ventilation of the natatorium.
  • Installation of two new efficient boiler heating plants.
  • Electrical systems will be brought up to code.
  • Replacement of light fixtures with LEDs and a new public address system.
  • Replacement of the plaster and tile finishes in the leisure pool.
  • Replacement of the entry stairs, ADA ramp and entry sidewalk. The main entry will be renovated and interior doors will be powered with ADA openers.
  • The family changing room will be enlarged and renovated.
  • New fiberglass doors replace rusted metal existing doors.
  • Upgrades to both locker rooms, family changing room, pool storage room and renovations to the sauna.

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Project Meetings

05:00 PM
City Hall Chambers
Aquatics Board