Land Studies and Plans

Land Studies and Plans

The City and Borough of Juneau owns approximately 23,000 acres of land. Of that amount, the Lands and Resources Division assumes primary management responsibility for 15,000 acres. Much of this land however is not suitable for development.

Below outlines various studies and plans conducted by the CBJ to evaluate City property:

  1. 2006 CBJ Comprehensive Plan/Buildable Lands Study
  2. Hill 560 Conceptual Development Plan
  3. Pederson Hill Land Development Study
  4. Hill 560 Wetland Delineation and Functional Analysis (Pederson Hill)
  5. Draft Juneau Wetlands Management Plan Update Volume 1
  6. Draft Juneau Wetlands Management Plan Update Volume 2
  7. Switzer Lands Development Study
  8. North Douglas Highway Extension
  9. Willoughby District Land Use Plan – The Willoughby District Land Use Plan is a long range plan. The Plan will be a blue print for development in this area for the next 20-25 years. It will be used by CBJ staff (and portions of the plan will be adopted into Juneau’s Comprehensive Plan), public and private landowners, developers, and the general public. The projects in it will be accomplished over time by a series of near to long term public sector investments in park and plaza space, infrastructure, and parking; and through private sector investments as land owners are ready to improve their properties.

Land Management Plans

The Land Management Plan outlines four goals:

Goal 1: Continue the land disposal program which systematically places CBJ land into private ownership.

Goal 2: Provide direction on the best use of CBJ owned land for both development and preservation.

Goal 3: Conduct CBJ land disposals in a manner that promotes compact urban growth and efficient expansion of municipal utilities and services.

Goal 4: Maintain the Land Management Plan as required under CBJ53.09.180 as a comprehensive reference document, updated every two years, that establishes CBJ land management policy and provides a framework for developing regulations concerning CBJ property.

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