Tree Cutting Information

Tree Cutting on City Property

CBJ Tree Policy

The CBJ tree policy outlines three goals for the Juneau community:

  1. Ensure the safety of people in Juneau through a process for inspection and mitigation of hazard trees on CBJ property.
  2. Establish the process for property owners to request work on non-hazardous trees on CBJ property.
  3. Provide the public with reasonable opportunities to harvest trees and wood for personal and commercial use.

Please consult the CBJ Tree Policy (Admin. Policy No. 14-03), which goes over the required procedures for removing trees on City property and where wood harvesting can occur.

CBJ Tree Policy/Admin. Policy No. 14-03R (wood harvest map included)

Pioneer Road Douglas Firewood Permit – Valid only if weather permits and road conditions allow safe driving through the Fall.

Please call or email the Lands Division to reserve a key for the Pioneer Road at 907-586-5252 or [email protected]   

Christmas Tree Policy

During the month of December, a household may remove one evergreen tree per year from municipal land designated by the Christmas Tree Policy. Trees must be cut at ground level and discarded branches must be scattered.

Note: Do not harvest trees from any muskeg areas or regions outside of the CBJ Wood Cutting Area Map. If you see trees being removed from muskegs or regions outside of the CBJ Wood Cutting Area Map, please call the Juneau Police Department at 586-0600.