Hunting on CBJ Property

 “Shadows and Light” by Mila Cosgrove

Hunting on CBJ property is allowed except for the following locations:

(1) a person cannot discharge an air rifle, firearm or slingshot within CBJ Parks and Recreation property or Eaglecrest property. CBJ Code 67.01.090 – Prohibited uses

(2) a person cannot discharge firearms within one-quarter mile of the Mount Roberts trail from May 1 through September 30. CBJ Code 42.20.050 – Discharging firearms.

(3) a person cannot discharge firearms within one-quarter mile of any public street, road or highway within the City and Borough of Juneau. CBJ Code 42.20.050 – Discharging firearms

(4) a person cannot hunt on airport property or in the approach corridors of each end of the runway due to scaring birds into the flight path of an aircraft. A person also cannot put decoys out in these areas to attract birds due to the aggressive wildlife mitigation plan required by FAA. Regulations outlined by CBJ Juneau International Airport and Federal Aviation Administration. Please consult the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for questions related to hunting near or within the Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge.

Permits are not currently required by the City and Borough of Juneau to commercially guide for hunting or fishing under a State Guide License on CBJ remote property, however certain CBJ Departments like CBJ Docks and Harbors do require a permit if you are hunting on their managed CBJ land. CBJ Code 05 CBJAC 01.080 – General operating requirements. It is best to consult CBJ Lands and Resources Division staff if you intend to commercially guide on CBJ property.


Please note: Any hunting in Alaska follows the information and regulations outlined by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The CBJ- Parcel Viewer tool and the State of Alaska- Alaska Mapper tool are public resources that can be used to help determine property ownership and property boundaries.