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Thunder Mountain Bike Park


Contractor: Trail Mix

Estimated Completion: 09/30/2025

Project Contact: Colby Shibler
Phone: (907) 586-5226
Email: [email protected]
Existing and proposed mountain bike trails near the water tower on the Under Thunder Trail overlayed on a topographical map.
Project Stage = Construction

Project Overview

Juneau Mountain Bike Alliance (JMBA), Parks and Recreation, and Trail Mix are partnering to rehabilitate existing and build new mountain bike trails in the Under Thunder area.  In 2022, the trail plan was developed with input from Juneau Mountain Bike Alliance members and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee in a public meeting.  The plan is based on existing trails that have been created and used for many years.

In July and August of 2023, JMBA and Trail Mix coordinated multiple community volunteer days and hired an expert mountain bike trail builder to build a new beginner and a new intermediate jump line trail and rehabilitate two existing advanced trails.  The park now hosts a progressive system of trails for riders of all levels to refine their skills. A comprehensive signage system is currently being developed.  Currently, there are temporary signs indicating trail difficulty levels.

Helmets are required on all trails.

No uphill traffic, pedestrian or bike on the trails.

No motorized vehicle use in the area or on the trails.

Parking is available at the Miller Ballfields adjacent to Glacier Valley Elementary School on Jennifer Drive.

For more information on future plans, how to get a free helmet for those who need one, or to donate to the efforts, contact Juneau Mountain Bike Alliance or Trail Mix.

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