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Eagle Valley Center Renovation

Budget: $400,000

Contractor: MRV Architects and North40 Construction Corp

Estimated Completion: 12/31/2022

Project Contact: Steve Tada
The Eagle Valley Center on a summer's day.
Project Stage = Design

Project Overview

In October 2017, voters approved Proposition 1, which included $400,000 in renovations for the Eagle Valley Center Lodge, located at 24.5 mile in Amalga Meadows Park. The Eagle Valley Center is a treasured place, with centuries of historic use, esteemed by passionate stakeholders and community members. The renovation on the 5,261 square foot Lodge will focus upgrades to improve energy efficiency at the facility and some site improvements.

Construction is anticipated for summer 2022 and the schedule will be determined as design is completed.

Fall 2021: Building upgrade design is at 65% and design is expected to be completed winter 2021.

October 2021: North40 Construction and Aqua Source drilled a well. The depth is 300 feet and there is some salinity in the water. PND Engineers, North40 Construction and City Engineers are currently working together to come up with a plan to filter the water. The water may be used in the future as a heat source for the building.

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