How to Play

Take a walk around downtown this holiday season and match as many ‘Candy Cane Numbers’ as you can with the participating businesses. First, print or download your Candy Cane Tracker to take with you, then write down the specific number you find in the window at each store. Candy Cane numbers will be visible from December 1 through December 17.

Look closely, all numbers may not be in plain sight, however, most can be seen from the curb. The exception being those businesses inside The Merchant’s Wharf and Senate Building. Good luck!

Don’t have access to a printer? We can help! Send us an email with your mailing address and how many trackers you need and we’ll get them to you right away. You can also pick them up at City Hall during business hours.

How to Win!

The more numbers you match with their respective businesses, the more tickets you earn for the prize drawing.

  • Find 20  = 1 ticket
  • Find 35 = 2 tickets
  • Find them all = 5 tickets!

Trackers can be submitted in one of the following ways:

In-Person: Bring your completed Candy Cane Tracker to the Parks & Recreation office during business hours, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. on weekdays. You can add your tickets to the drawing and get a REAL candy cane! Any bonus tickets earned will be added by staff.

Online: Submit your Tracker electronically here and staff will add your tickets to the drawing for you.

Submit your tracker

Candy Cane Trackers are due by noon on Monday, December 18.

The prize drawing will take place on Tuesday, December 19. Winners will be notified by phone/email and announced on Facebook.

Bonus Tickets!

Five extra-large candy canes (we’re talking 3-4 feet large!) are hanging in windows of CBJ offices and facilities downtown. Take a selfie with each one you find and submit the photo(s) online. Each one is worth one bonus ticket in the drawing. Find all five candy canes and you have five more chances to win!

The extra-large candy canes will look like these:

Examples of the extra-large candy canes found on CBJ office windows downtown.

Submit your bonus photos

All Ages Activity

This DIY activity isn’t just for the kids! The participating businesses have donated many amazing prizes for the drawing that fit every age group. We have gift certificates, wine, hats, toys, and so much more!