Pipeline Skate Park

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Pipeline Skate Park

Monday – Friday

3:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.


8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Park History

The Pipeline Skate Park within Jackie Renninger Park is the product of 15 months of fundraising and community organization that began in September 1996 with a Juneau/Douglas High School Phoenix Program project and is culminating with the construction of a 7500 square foot facility for skateboarding and in-line skating. Fundraising and organizing is ongoing through the “Skate Board” an advisory board to the Parks and Recreation Department.

The “Skate Board”

The “Skate Board” is the board running the skate park. Its primary responsibility is to channel skaters ideas to Parks and Recreation on such matters as facility rules, facility management and enforcement, scheduling special events, conduct, equipment selection, fee structure, fund raising, and park improvements.

Park Rules

  • The park is an unsupervised, self-policed park. Any users must abide by the rules of the park at all times.
  • The Park is a drug-free zone.
  • The following safety equipment is strongly recommended:
    • SKATEBOARDERS should wear elbow pads and knee pads with a hard plastic surface, and a helmet.
    • IN-LINE SKATERS should wear the same equipment as skateboarders plus wrist guards with plastic or metal inserts.
    • SPECTATORS in the skating area should wear a helmet at all times.
  • Use care to avoid injury to yourself and others.
  • Do not use a ramp or feature while another person is using that feature.
  • Do not use the park if ice, snow or other unsafe conditions are present.
  • Do not use any ramp or feature posted with a sign indicating that it is not to be used.
  • No amplified sound except according to permit.
  • All other park rules apply. CBJ 67.01

Each violation of these rules is an infraction. Violators of these rules may be required to immediately leave the park and may be prohibited from use of the park for repeated violations. Check your equipment to be sure it is safe. Check the ramp and features for safety before use. Skate within your ability.

Please immediately report any defects, damage,
or safety concerns to CBJ Park Maintenance 907-364-2800.

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