Burn Permits

There are two different types of permits for open burning, depending upon the size and scope of your open burn. Choose your option below.

Development Burn Permit

The development burn permit is for the burning of uprooted trees, stumps or other natural vegitation in connection with construction of buildings, residential, commercial or industrial development, or the initial clearing of vegitation to enhance property value, etc. There is an application process and an associated fee with a development open burn.

— OR —

Residential Backyard Burn

What is a “Backyard Burn”?

Backyard burns are fires for disposing of dry natural vegetation grown on and being burned on the premises of a single- or two-family residence. This type of open burning is permitted for non-commercial use, as open burning by commercial businesses is prohibited. Use of a burn barrel is considered open burning and requires a permit.  All outdoor fires shall be restricted to untreated wood (no paint, preservative, glue, etc.) or natural vegetation originating from the property where the burning occurs.

October 1 – April 30: All open burning is prohibited in the Mendenhall Valley and Lemon Creek areas.

Apply for a Residential Burn Permit

Air quality is important, and it is your responsibility to assure you comply with air quality restrictions, or any burn bans on the day of your burn.

Current Status

Certain areas are restricted from open burning during certain times of the year, such as the Lemon Creek and Mendenhall Valley. It is your responsibility to ensure you are in compliance to burn at your location. Areas outside the Open Burn Restriction Zone still require a permit to burn.

Open burning during a “Red Flag” warning period is not permitted. It is your responsibility to check this weather service link to ensure you are in compliance on the day you wish to burn .

All outdoor fires shall be restricted to untreated natural wood (no paint, preservative, glue, plywood, etc.) or natural vegetation originating from the property where the burning occurs, such as branches, shrubbery, or other natural occurring vegetation. Materials must be from the burn site only; materials cannot be transported to the site and then burned.  Absolutely no man-made material may be burned. Open burning of rubbish or trash is prohibited.


Burn materials in open burns must be dry, not wet or damp. Use of tarps helps keep materials dry until conditions allow for burning.

Minimum Drying Time Prior to Burning
Field crop waste cut green = 10 days
Up to 2 inches in diameter = 30 days
More than 2 up to 6 inches in diameter = 60 days

Tape MeasureFires shall be limited to natural wood or vegetation piles with outside dimensions of no greater than 10’ in diameter. Open burning which creates an unsafe condition, a danger to public health and safety or which produces obnoxious odor, or smoke or debris that impinges on surrounding structures, or causes discomfort to nearby residents, may be considered a nuisance is prohibited.

Man tending open burnOpen burning conditions which could cause the fire to spread to a nearby structure shall be eliminated prior to ignition.

Garden HoseA garden hose connected to a steady water supply and other standard fire extinguishing equipment, such as shovel, shall be readily available for use at open-burning site. The applicant shall supervise the burning material until the fire has been extinguished. The applicant must also be in possession of the permit at the burn site. You, as the applicant, are responsible for any damage or injury caused by your fire, and its smoke.


Remember, YOU are responsible for your fire, and the smoke that it creates.

A permit to burn does not relieve the permitee from full responsibility for the fire; including costs of extinguishment should it spread, costs of damage to other property and for the smoke and fly ash produced by the fire. Fines may be assessed for violations or repeated visits to burn sites. The Fire Marshal or their designee may assess a fine if there are violations of the above conditions or if there are repeated visits by fire personnel. The Fire Marshal or their designee may revoke an open burn permit at any time.

A permit is required to be issued to any person wishing to engage in open burning on their property anywhere within the City and Borough of Juneau. The holder of this permit agrees to read, understand, and follow the provisions of this permit. You as the applicant SHALL be required to follow and adhere to the standard conditions and requirements for a residential open burn permit. Residential open burning is prohibited in the City & Borough of Juneau unless all the conditions of the permit are met.


Use Cleaner Alternatives to Open Burning

To avoid pollution and odor impacts to yourself and your neighbors, recycling is a preferred alternative to burning. Cardboard and paper products can be recycled for free. Chipping, composting, recycling and hauling non-recyclable material to the landfill are all cleaner options than burning.