Who We Are

Who We Serve

Capital City Fire/Rescue response covers the entire City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska – an area of 3,255 square miles. We serve the borough’s entire EMS needs and customer service is our specialty. We continually meet and exceed the expectations of citizens and visitors to Juneau for Fire, Rescue, Emergency Medicine and Special Teams.

Juneau has more than 1,000,000 visitors annually and one regional hospital, Bartlett Regional Hospital. Juneau has no immediate mutual aide for fire suppression, EMS, and very limited immediate help for the various rescues needed.

Readiness, Dedication, Service

Our Mission

We serve and protect the community from life and property threatening emergencies in a confident, professional and proactive manner.

Our Vision

Provide fire, rescue and emergency medical services at the highest level of excellence, professionalism and commitment to the community. Proud of our past and embracing our future, the members of Capital City Fire/Rescue will work as an effective and integrated team, dedicated to continuous improvement and maintaining a positive environment.

Our Values

Teamwork, Integrity, Professionalism, Positive Attitude, Service

CCF/R by the numbers

CCF/R has 5 fire stations, 2 of which are career staffed. We provide Airport Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) services at the Juneau International Airport, responding from Station 3.

We also oversee the Hagevig Regional Fire Training Center which is owned by the state and serves as an important resource for CCFR.

Currently, CCF/R employs 42 Career Firefighter EMT/Paramedics, 11 Command/Administrative Staff, 1 Fire Mechanic and approximately 60 Volunteers. We are a young department with half of the current career staff having 5 years or less on the job.

Call Volume

5K calls per year, with an annual 2-3% increase

CARES Transports

3K approx. number of vulnerable adults transported

80% of current calls are medical in nature, with the remaining calls being a combination of fire and fire related, investigation and assists, and technical response and rescue. Our Ambulance Service Fee Schedule may be viewed here.