Fire Marshal’s Office

Fire & Safety Inspections & Code Enforcement
Fire and Arson Investigation
Public Fire & Life Safety Education

The Fire Marshal’s are responsible for:

All of these components are integral of following Capital City Fire Rescue’s mission statement through protection of lives and property with an emphasis on educating the community on all hazards and safety awareness. We strive to protect life and property by preventing emergencies before they happen. Every building in the City & Borough of Juneau where the public works, plays or spends time is subject to annual inspections. Private residences are not.

On the enforcement side, the Fire Marshal’s Office works closely with city building inspectors to ensure all new commercial and residential construction within the City & Borough of Juneau meets the established fire code. This includes:

  • Testing and approval of fire protection systems
  • Plans review of new sprinkler systems and fire alarms
  • Inspection and testing of all sprinkler systems
  • Fire safety inspections for Commercial Occupancies and Day Care facilities

Fire Marshal History

Below are links to our handouts that address general fire code requirements for various issues. We would like to remind you that since situations and conditions vary, there may be other requirements depending upon the specific circumstances. If you have any questions in regards to a specific situation, please feel free to contact the Fire Marshal’s Office.

Below you will find handouts that have been prepared to assist you in sucessfully setting up your special event so it conforms with fire and life safety regulations. The handouts are not a complete list of all relevant code requirements; therefore, if you have any questions, please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at (907) 586-5322.

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