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Committee Lobbies Congress to Rebuild Court House

News of the Gold Camp - 12/17/1980

17 December 1980

JANUARY 20, 1900-The Juneau Public Library Association reports revenues of $565.78 during the year 1899, with all funds expended and a deficit at the end of the year of $20. Greatest expenses were for rent for the reading room, heat and light. The salary of the librarian was $70 for the seven months the library operated.

JANUARY 27, 1900-B. M. Behrends, treasurer of the board of Fire Commissioners, reports expenditures of $3,323.58 and receipts of $3,276.33 for the period August 4 to January 4. This leaves a deficit of $52.25 The heaviest expenditures during the period included the purchase of a new water tank and the labor of excavating for it. The only other wages paid were for a night watchman on dry and windy nights.

Edward Snyder, formerly an employee of the Treadwell Gold Mining Company, is now located at Hoonah Hot Springs on Tenakee Inlet. He has fitted up a first class bath house at the springs and plans to open a store there later in the year.

FEBRUARY 17, 1900-A special committee of the Chamber of Commerce, working on getting the court house rebuilt here, has sent the following information to Washington: From 1884, when the District Court of Alaska was established, to 1900, a total of 901 actions were filed. Of these, 106 originated in Sitka, 41 in Wrangell, 142 in Skagway and 612 in Juneau. Licenses were paid under the federal business tax law since it was enacted amounted to $2,220 at Sitka, $4,163 at Wrangell, $2,803 at Skagway and $43,486 at Juneau.

FEBRUARY 24, 1900-The firemen?s annual Masquerade Ball was held last evening with a capacity crowd. The grand march took place at 11 o'clock, after which prizes were awarded for the best costumes in several categories.

MARCH 3, 1900-Fire broke out yesterday afternoon in the Seward Street building which houses the Juneau Reading Room. Damage to the reading room amounted to about $100 and would have been more but for the prompt action by the clerks at Behrend?s store, which is just across the street. They took fire fighting apparatus from the store and put out the flames.

MARCH 10, 1900-Miss Corinne B. Gray has taken over the management of the Opera House Theater as well as the Louvre, which she has managed for some time. ?The Wife?s Fatal Mistake? will be produced at the Opera House by the Imperial Dramatic company, starting tomorrow.