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Reports Indicate Rich Diggings Near Haines

News of the Gold Camp - 12/11/1980

AUGUST 30, 1899-The lumber to plank Seward Street from Second Street up to the school house has arrived and will soon be in place.

The City Brewery has placed one of the latest improved beer refrigerators in the Banquet Saloon.

Reports from the Porcupine District near Haines Mission indicate some very rich diggings. Quite a number of Juneau men are working claims there.

The Last Chance Gold Mining Company, which owns both Last Chance Basin and Lurvey Basin, has sifted its operations to the latter, located at the head of Silver Bow. A three-inch giant is at work tearing out gravels in the basin. A tunnel 343 feet in length has been driven through bedrock to tap the basin and carry off the gravel, which is 37 feet deep in the basin and covers about ten acres. Henry Hile is in charge of the operations.

The July report from the Mexican Mine on Douglas Island sows 13,482 tons of ore was crushed to produce $20,391 in bullion. The average return was $1.51 per ton and expenses were $20,102 or $1.49 per ton. For the Treadwell mine, 54,376 tons of ore were crushed to yield $92,008 or $1.69 per ton. Expenses for that operation were not reported.

SEPTEMBER 6, 1899-The Taku Tribe, Improved Order of Redmen, was organized at Anderson?s Hall Tuesday evening with 78 charter members. This is the first tribe of the order to be organized in Alaska. Officers include Lockie MacKinnon, J. J. Clancy, W. S. Holm, S. B. Agnew, Ed C. Russell, Jr., Louis Kubach, H. E. Casebolt and George Kyrage.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1899-Juneau delegates to the Territorial Non-Partisan Convention to be held here next month were elected yesterday as follows: W. W. Casey, A. K. Delaney, T. J. Donahue, Lockie MacKinnon, C. W. Young, G. O. Darrow, J. A. Anderson, J. H. Cobb, John Olds and Oscar Foote.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1899-Juneau?s popular baker, Gustav Messerschmidt, was married Thursday evening to Miss Gertrude Hermle of San Francisco. The Rev. Busch performed the ceremony.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1899-J. P. Jorgenson has nearly completed the planking of Seward Street.

The building formerly occupied by the Occidental Pharmacy has been rented by Mr. Babbage for a jewelry shop.