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US Senators Come to See the Sights

News of the Gold Camp - 12/09/1980

9 December 1980

JUNE 17, 1899-Forty tourists and one mule arrived on the City of Topeka.

The Louvre will be reopened by the Winn Bros. next Monday evening. The theater has been remodeled and redecorated from top to bottom.

The first annual ?Smoker? was given last night at the new armory by the men of Company B., Alaska National Guard. The program consisted of recitations, vocal and instrumental solos, and chorus numbers.

A party of senators headed by Senator Charles W. Fairbanks of Indiana arrived on the Revenue Cutter McCullough and has been seeing the sights of Juneau.

JUNE 24, 1899-Soon after U. S. District Judge C. S. Johnson concludes the present term of court at Skagway he will go down the Yukon River and will hold court at Eagle City, Circle City, Rapart, St. Michael and possibly Cape Nome. The term at Eagle City will be the first ever held in Interior Alaska, or for that matter, anywhere west of Sitka. Accompanying Judge Johnson will be U. S. Marshal James M. Shoup, Clerk Albert D. Elliot, Assistant U. S. Attorney A. J. Daley and Interpreter George Kostrometinoff.

One effect of the new business license tax last for Alaska recently enacted by Congress has been to close approximately half the saloons in Juneau. Only the following remain open: H. E Casebolt?s Comet, Occidental Hotel, The Maine, Louis Kubach?s Old Stand, New York Exchange, the Nevada, the Louvre, Germania Hall, Jack Fletcher?s place, the Montana, the Opera House, Central House, F. M. Berry, Juneau Hotel and Circle City Hotel.

John T. Spickett is now the lessee and manager of the Franklin Hotel at Front and Main Streets. A cafe will be run in connection with the hotel.

JULY 1, 1899-As part of Juneau?s Fourth of July celebration, Professor Leonard will make a balloon ascension and parachute jump, the first to be seen in Alaska. He is one of the best known and most daring aeronauts in the United States and will jump from a height of about 1000 feet.

JULY 15, 1899-Tomorrow evening Professor Leonard, who thrilled the spectators on July 4 with his parachute drop will ride his balloon into the clouds again. The ascent will be from the same place as before, the intersection of Fourth and Main Streets. He will again make a parachute jump and hopes to land on the flats west of town.