CCFR Volunteer Information

Capital City Fire/Rescue is recruiting for the right people to join our team. We are a progressive department always exploring new services. This is driven not only by our dedication to our community but by our passion for emergency services.

We are strongly rooted in our community through the department’s core values of: Teamwork, Integrity, Professionalism, Positive Attitude and Service.

In 2012 volunteer firefighters represent over 85% of all our nations one million plus firefighters. Out of the 30,100 fire departments over 25,000 are staffed by all volunteer or mostly volunteer firefighters compared to 4,600 that are staffed by paid or mostly paid firefighters.

Volunteer membership is declining; CCFR is struggling to keep their volunteer stations properly staffed. CCFR needs volunteers with all types of skills and abilities, besides the men and women that put on the turnout gear, ride the engines and put out the fires. We need volunteers that have backgrounds in various areas such as mechanics, construction, computers, medical and fundraising.

Firefighting is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have and the skills you will learn as a member are invaluable. If you are a highly motivated team player, excited by the challenges of working in an all hazards combination fire department; take a closer look at CCFR. We may be the department offering the challenges and adventures you are looking for.

There’s A Job for Everyone:

CCFR LogoCadet Program – (under 18 years old)

Scene Support

Entry Firefighter

Driver / Operator

Special Teams

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Volunteer Application Documents