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Seattle Businessmen's Excursion Greeted Warmly

News of the Gold Camp - 12/10/1980

JULY 15, 1899-R. F. Lewis is improving his property on Seward Street immediately behind the Lewis Building. The property was formerly the Arctic Bar and Lodging House. Lewis is tearing down the old building and will put up a new one.

JULY 26, 1899-Two items of business were taken up at the Juneau Chamber of Commerce meeting on Tuesday. One was the adoption of a new resolution asking for immediate rebuilding of the Court House. The other was the start of a organization to be known as the Juneau Commercial Athletic Club. Nearly 60 men signed up for the club and a committee was appointed to draft by-laws. Another meeting will be held next Friday.

AUGUST 5, 1899-The new Banquet Saloon opened Tuesday night and is one of the handsomest free lunch places in Juneau.

The Douglas Oddfellows will make a grand excursion to Taku Glacier next Friday on the steam Wolcott. The boat will Juneau at 8 and Douglas at 8:30 a.m.

AUGUST 16, 1899-A tribe of the Improved Order of Red Men is being organized in Juneau and Douglas. Captain Jay N. Leonard of Tacoma is here for the purpose.

The old Humboldt mill, also known as the Webster mill, has closed down for repairs to the machinery. The five old concentrators have been losing most of the gold that reached them.

The Alaska-Juneau mill in Silver Bow Basin is pounding away steadily. Also in the Basin, the Nowell placers are running full blast with a steady flow of gold dust to the company office in town. On the Takou group, which is being operated by William Ebner, an increasing crew of men is at work. Both the Sheep Creek mines are working in good ore and at Treadwell all the stamps are now dropping at the four mines. During a recent dry spell about one third of the stamps had to be hung up for lack of power, but there is plenty of water now.

AUGUST 23, 1899-The Seattle businessmen?s excursion to Alaska, sponsored by the Post-Intelligence, arrived yesterday on the City of Seattle and was greeted at the dock by a large delegation and the Juneau City Band.

The handsome new organ purchased in Chicago for the Juneau Methodist Church has arrived and will be used next Sunday.