About Capital City Fire / Rescue

Teamwork – Integrity – Professionalism – Positive Attitude – Service

Capital City Fire Rescue is a combination fire department with 36 career staff, 40 volunteers and 9 administrative staff. Our vision is to provide fire, rescue and emergency medical services at the highest level of excellence, professionalism and commitment to the community.

CCFR serves a population of over 31,000 residents year round. In the summer months, the population can increase by 18,000 people per day from cruise ship passengers. There is 3,255 square miles in the City & Borough of Juneau making it the third largest municipality in the United States, larger than the state of Delaware.  Juneau is located in the “panhandle” of Southeast Alaska and is approximately 570 miles south of Anchorage and 900 miles north of Seattle. Much of this area is covered with coastal waterways, towering mountains and expansive ice fields. There are over 160 primary road miles in the city but the fire service area covers 386 square miles on Douglas Island and the Juneau area.

CCFR provides special team services in the service area, we currently have a high angle rope, water rescue and a hazmat team that are made up of career and volunteer members. CCFR also works closely with local helicopter operators to provide an air rescue service for incidents that occur in areas that are not accessible by other means. CCFR is also unique that we also perform ARFF (Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting) response for Juneau International Airport with two career firefighters daily.

CCFR provides Advanced Life Support emergency medical services with four ambulances and two Advance Life Support equipped engines. We are staffed with 7 full time paramedics currently and twenty-nine full time emergency medical technicians. This is supplemented with a volunteer EMS force of approximately 25 volunteers with certifications ranging from Emergency Trauma Technician to EMT.

May through September, CCFR hires four EMT’s to run a Basic Life Support ambulance to facilitate medical transports from the cruise ships, Bartlett Regional Hospital and private air ambulance services as well as covering “stacked” 911 calls. The total call run total for 2016 was 4,517.

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History of CCFR patch

The Capital City Fire Rescue patch has significant meaning. For example, the rope means unbroken service and loyalty. The general outline of the emblem is the maltese cross which symbolizes the traditions and ideals of the service. The maltese cross was first identified with the Christian Knights and meant the shielding of the weak. Today, in the modern day fire service, it represents the protection of life. The white center background indicates peace and sincerity. Red is significant of nobility and overlooks injury or insult. The gold color in the patch means generosity and elevation of the mind. The black background symbolizes helping citizens on there darkest day.

The mountain with the water and the North Star in the center of the patch is the logo for the City and Borough of Juneau signifying our commitment to the city and its citizens

By Gaylen Brevik


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