Water Utility Water System Information

The residents, businesses, and tourists to the City and Borough of Juneau are served by a network of 180 miles of pipes, 6 reservoirs and 3 contact tanks, 9 pump stations, 37 pressure reducing valves, 1,450 fire hydrants, and 9,705 water connections.

Water distribution lines convey roughly 1.2 billion gallons of drinking water annually from one of the two water sources (Last Chance Basin or Salmon Creek Water Filtration Plant).


The Last Chance Basin wellfield is the primary potable drinking water supply for the City and Borough of Juneau. The groundwater source is situated on the Gold Creek Basin withdrawing water through seven wells.



Salmon Creek Water Filtration Plant is the City and Borough of Juneau’s secondary water supply. The membrane filtration plant has a production capacity of 2 MGD (million gallons/day). Surface water impounded by the Salmon Creek dam is the supply for the filtration plant.


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