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Summer Maintenance Information

City streets are located on CBJ property that is commonly referred to as a Right of Way (ROW). The widths of these ROWs vary considerably from road to road. In all cases though, the City shares common property lines with other owners and like good neighbors, we try to stay on our side of the line.

Most often, roads are narrower than the ROW. This gives us room to accommodate drainage structures, utilities, signs, streetlights future growth and snow storage in the winter.

Water runoff from streets and adjacent properties is collected in a network of drains, culverts and ditches. It’s then routed to the surrounding streams, lakes or to the saltwater. It is an important function to maintain this network. Done correctly, it helps save homes and businesses from damage.

Help Us Help You. Remember; clean water in, clean water out. Pollutants that enter our drainage system exit into our environment. Visit the CBJ Hazardous Waste website to find how and where to properly dispose of your hazardous waste (use the button in the right column).

Please do not use drainage ditches to dispose of grass clippings or other waste. This can only dam water flow and potentially damage properties upstream. Toys and trash often plug up culverts resulting in serious damages to homes, businesses and streets. Helping us keep them clear saves you money.

We spend a great deal of time each year trying to maintain and improve this network. Material is routinely removed from the ditches and drains. Much of it is suitable for filling lots. We will even haul it to you for free! (Use the ‘Waste Release Form’ button in the right column.)

We are fortunate enough to live in a verdant landscape. But it is possible to have too much of a good thing as the flora encroaches on your streets!

Roots, weeds and shrubs can destroy asphalt shoulders and concrete sidewalks. They can also pose serious sight problems for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists. Our folks are constantly reminded to be aware of this while also trying to maintain the City’s Right of Way. When individuals plant on City property, there is a potential risk those plantings will be removed or damaged. It is not our intention to cut down vegetation along the roads wantonly, but we do need to maintain safe sight distances and protect the roads from degradation.

We constantly battle with alders and other indigenous growth along our systems and crews do not always recognize them as something someone is tending. They grow fast and wild. Clearly recognized landscaping is left alone if possible and crews are told to contact supervisors if there is some question. It is not possible for us to contact all owners regarding work we do in front of their property.

We do appreciate owners who care for their property as they generally help us take care of our property too. However, property owners should refrain from placing landscape in the row. Plantings will most likely be damaged during snow removal in the winter. Hardscape, rocks, benches, fences, etc. will create snow removal hazards and property owners will be asked to remove these items if placed in the row.

Every spring we put forth a vigorous effort to clean up last winter’s sand and debris. For those roads with on street parking, we need to clear them of all vehicles first. We post them “No Parking” 24 hours in advance and pay to have vehicles removed if necessary. It’s the only way we can get streets and the catch basins cleaned. If there are too many vehicles for us to move, we will skip this street and try later.

Once the spring clean up is done, we regularly sweep streets until freeze up. We have the newest and quietest machines available! Congestion in the downtown area means we have to sweep in the early morning hours. Our operators work this area as fast as possible to minimize disruption.

Potholes are always a problem. You let us know where they are and we’ll fix ‘em! (Use the ‘Connect with City Hall’ button in the right column).

We’ll keep on patching and rebuilding our streets in need as weather and budgets allow.

We are also embarking on a preventative maintenance course. You’ll see us crack sealing, fog sealing and chip sealing more and more. We intend to keep our good roads good!


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