Rules & Policies

General Rules

  1. Participate at your own risk.
  2. Do not leave children unattended at any time.
  3. Balls, bats and other sports equipment are prohibited in the mezzanine (upstairs) or on the track.
  4. No sports drinks, soda, juice, etc. – ONLY WATER allowed in turf, track and cage areas.
  5. No gum, gels, sunflower seeds, chewing tobacco, confetti, confetti balloons, party poppers or similar products.
  6. Food and beverages are allowed only in the mezzanine or lobby and with prior permission.
  7. No spitting, gum chewing or nasal blowouts.
  8. Drug and tobacco use is not allowed on the premises.
  9. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited (CBJ Ordinance 20.25.080(d)).
  10. Persons who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances will be denied entry.
  11. No animals permitted inside the facility (except certified service animals).
  12. No metal cleats permitted on the turf field.
  13. The Field House is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  14. Anyone not following the Field House rules are subject to removal.

Code of Conduct

  1. Demonstrate good sportsmanship.
  2. No foul, abusive, racial or derogatory language.
  3. No disorderly conduct, physical or verbal abuse against employees, players, officials or patrons.
  4. Clean up after yourself and treat the facility, equipment, and other users in a respectful manner.

Track Rules

  • Please check in and pay at the front office before accessing the track.
  • Youth under the age of 14 require adult supervision at all times.
  • Gym shoes only; no street shoes allowed.
  • No food, gum, seeds, etc. or sports drink – ONLY WATER allowed on track.
  • No spitting or nasal blowouts.
  • No bicycles, roller-skates, skateboards, etc.
  • Strollers are permitted with prior permission. Do not leave child unattended at any time.
  • No more than two walkers side-by-side; form single-file when necessary.
  • Slower walkers/joggers use outside lane, faster joggers pass on inside lane.
  • Follow track direction: counterclockwise on even days and clockwise on odd days.

Batting Cage Rules

  1. Only registered participants of City & Borough of Juneau (CBJ) Dimond Park Field House allowed in the batting cage area.
  2. Private rental participants (or guardian if participant is under 18 years) must sign a waiver upon arrival and before entering the cage.
  3. Equipment is not provided; permittee must bring their own bats, balls, helmets, etc.
  4. An approved adult must supervise the batting cage area at all times.
  5. Batting helmets are required at all times.
  6. No more than two people allowed in each cage at a time: the pitcher and the batter.
  7. Pitchers and pitching machine operators must use L-screens at all times.
  8. Do not pull or hang from the nets or L-screens.
  9. Do not adjust the pitching machine with a batter in front of the machine.
  10. Please report any equipment malfunction, damage, or potential hazards immediately.
  11. No food, gum, gels, sunflower seeds, chewing tobacco or similar products. Only water is allowed.
  12. Keep the batting cage area clean! Please pick up your trash and put away equipment when you leave.
  13. Participate at your own risk. CBJ is not liable for any personal injury or equipment damage sustained in or around the batting cages.
  14. Failure to conform to these rules may result in immediate termination of rental and sufficient reason for denying future permits.