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Wellness Program Information

The CBJ offers a wellness program that assists employees in making choices that support their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

The Health Yourself program provides a variety of biometric screenings, challenges, educational events, and other health activities to help our employees serve our community to the best of their ability.

Contact Information

Jess Brown
Employee Wellness Coordinator

  • Discounted Wellness Passes This includes the 40% discount to P&R pools, ice arena, and field house for CBJ, BRH, and JSD admin employees and benefited family members.
  • Health Yourself EEOC notice– Our wellness program is designed to promote health, prevent disease, and support you in serving the public to the best of your ability. Participating is voluntary and all employee medical information is kept confidential.

Employees that participate and meet the requirements will receive a $50.00 per pay period discount off of their health insurance premium rate for July 2023-June 2024.

View the form here: FY23 Health Yourself Screening form

How does this form work?

  • This form allows employees the opportunity to earn the discount through biometrics, preventive care visits, and Health Yourself activities.
  • Employees must earn 100 points and return this form to Jess Brown by May 31st to qualify for the discount.
  • If you earn over 150 points, you will be eligible for a prize drawing.

Are you ready to start earning the discount?

  • The easiest place to start is with a Health Yourself  blood draw- this helps us map out how you can earn all 100 points, and ensures your biometrics are completely filled out (this is a common place for error with your doctor). Doing your draw with HY is free to you.
  • This year is a full fasting blood draw- watch for more information regarding our fall blood draws at BRH & CBJ departments from September to November.
  • If you are already earning points from activities (right on!), you can print off the form and start keeping track for yourself. I will keep track of your activities in a smartsheet, where you can log in and double check that we have the same record.

Wellness Pass discounts and 40% Wellness Pass information- benefited employees and spouses are eligible for discounts to local and CBJ recreation facilities to help keep them healthy! Click here for more information.

Employee Assistance Program – ComPsych® has been contracted by CBJ to provide support, resources and information to employees and their family on a confidential basis, at no charge to you, as a company-sponsored benefit.
Employees and family members are encouraged to visit the ComPsych® website at https:// groWeb/portals/login.portal or talk with a ComPsych representative by calling 1-800-295-9059 (TDD: 1-800-697-0353). To set up an online membership or to speak with a Guidance Consultant, you will need to provide the following company ID: CITYJEAP2.

Premera Nurseline: 1800.841.8343 – This is the number for Premera’s FREE 24-hour Nurseline. If you or a loved one is not feeling well, but you’re unsure if it is an emergency, give the Nurseline a call. You will speak to a registed nurse who can provide around the clock health-care treatment recommendations for injuries or illness’s or answer questions about health-related issues..

Office Ergonomics: – Want to evaluate whether the time you spend at work is ergonomically correct? CBJ has access to a free online office ergonomic assessment. Click here to access the assessment. Register as a ‘new user’ to create your account and profile. Once you create a profile and complete a brief assessment, this program will deliver personalized recommendations to help you work more comfortably. If you have any questions, contact the CBJ safety officer.

Upcoming Events

February is Heart Health Month.

  • For those with elevated glucose readings or who’ve been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, the Blood Sugar Balance (2/6-3/6) is just for you!
  • If you’d like to focus on overall heart health our Inflammation Tamer Challenge (2/1-2/28) is another option.
  • Join us on 2/26 for a virtual cooking class focusing on heart health by registering here.

A gift for you, when you get movin’. You can know how good moving your body each day feels AND still be unmotivated to get in the habit of doing it. What if you had something extra to look forward to on your next visit to the gym or walk- like a juicy new audiobook? Benefited employees and spouses can provide proof of 3 physical activity days (30 minutes or more) in December or January here and get an audiobook to keep you coming back for more.

 Pavitts is offering us a special deal right now for our employees: they are dropping the 1 year commitment-so you can opt for month to month- and giving us 20% off the EFT rate for individual, couple, and family memberships for CBJ/BRH/JSD admin employees and their immediate families (spouses and children up to age 18). If you are interested you can ask them for a free week trial. If you sign up and want to get in the habit of using that membership- don’t forget about the audiobook offer above!

Gentle movement for pain, rehab, and true beginners! Physical Therapist Laura Baker will be teaching a series of classes designed to help you optimize daily activities with less pain. Reserve your spot if you…

  • Want to work with a PT to support your return to activity after a long (months, years, lifetime) hiatus from it.
  • Have difficulty bending to feed your animals or playing on the floor with kids or grandkids
  • Have trouble walking or pushing your wheelchair for as long as you want
  • Experience pain or limited range of motion when reaching to your cupboards
  • Get sore after lifting Costco groceries
  • Avoid exercise because it doesn’t feel good or you don’t know where to start

What: Gentle Movement for pain, rehab, and true beginners class

When: Wednesday evenings, 5-6pm, Starting 1/11- 2/22.

Where: Juneau Family birth center

Who: Employees and spouses welcome. All bodies and abilities welcome.

How much: $45 for the series of 6 classes

HY points: 5 HY points per class.

How to sign up: register here.

CBJ employees: want to play in that forecasted snow on some snowshoes? We’ve got new snowshoes for you to check out through Health Yourself. You are welcome to check out an extra pair for a friend so you can adventure together and reap the wellness benefits of social connection! The checkout process is similar to the Tram passes- reserve a pair or two here and pick them up in HR. (BRH, and JSD admins, yours are coming soon!)

Menopause Webinar Series: we rounded up a rock star crew of speakers to help demystify, provide information, and hopefully offer a bit of relief. See recording links from fall of 2022 below:

  • Joanna Goldman ( 9/8/22)– covering the basics of menopause and symptom relief from a nurse practitioner perspective. View recording here
  •  Laura Baker (9/15/22) Managing Symptoms of Menopause: A Rehabilitative Perspective. Laura is a physical therapist who specializes in working with clients on pelvic health-related issues. View recording here
  • Kari Natwick (9/22/22)– common nutrition-related ties to uncomfortable symptoms. View recording here.
  • Kari Natwick (10/6/22)– symptom relief through nutrition.  View recording here