Docks & Harbors Projects

2020 - Downtown Waterfront Improvements

Project Progress Bar with Five Steps: 1. Planning, 2. Design, 3. Permitting, 4. Construction, 5. Completed. Step 5 - Completed is selected.

Project Details

CBJ Contract #: DH19-014

Contractor: Trucano Construction Co

Consultant: PND Engineers, Inc.

Contact: Erich Schaal

Phone: (907) 586-0397

Overall view of the site under construction

Project Overview

This project expands Juneau's Waterfront to provide an enhanced public space for locals and visitors to enjoy all year around.  The construction lasted 15 months, and cost 12 million dollars.  The newly created amenities include over 100 new steel piles driven to support over an acre of concrete and timber decking.  The seawalk was re-graded to ensure elevation changes conformed to ADA requirements for accessibility.  A specially designed parking lot will maximize the available space for small tour buses, which will reduce congestion downtown by giving the buses a place to wait passengers rather than cycling through the downtown center.

The project includes forward-looking elements, including provisions to install electric bus charging stations in the event that the tour bus fleet switches to electric charging in the future.