Fuel Docks & Private Marinas

Fog at Statter Harbor

Fuel Docks

  • Crowley Fuels: (907) 586-1276
    Just south of downtown, this fuel dock offers gas, diesel 1 and 2, and lubricating oils.
  • Petro Marine Fuel Dock: (907) 586-4400
    Located directly across the channel from the Harris Harbor, this dock offers diesel 1 and 2, unleaded gas, and all Chevron lubricants.
  • Petro Marine Fuel at Auke Bay: (907) 790-3030 
    This facility is located in Statter Harbor.
  • Delta Western Fuel Dock at Auke Bay (As of August 1st): (907) 586-2800 Formerly the SEAL dock, this dock is located in Auke Bay between the State of Alaska Ferry and Four Seasons Marine Pier.  Delta Western offers marine diesel, gasoline, and  lubricant products.

Private Marinas

The below offer a variety of services to boaters but do not offer transient moorage.

  • Seadrome Dock: (907) 586-5720
    Located downtown, the Seadrome provides 560′ of moorage. Potable water, 30 and 50 amp power, fuel, and shoreside services available for hire. Call ahead for reservations.
  • Fisherman’s Bend: (907) 789-7312
    Also situated in Auke Bay, this marina offers repair services.
  • Donohue’s Marina (Tee Harbor): (907) 789-7851
    18 miles north of Juneau, “Tee Harbor”, as the locals call it, is a private marina. There is gas available at the dock.