Spring Cleanup

The City & Borough of Juneau, Public Works, Streets & Fleet Maintenance Division has implemented multiple changes in operations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic & State of Alaska Health Mandates.
Shifts have been staggered until further notice, & our staff continues to practice social distancing in their operations to protect the health & safety of Juneau residents & other employees.
Due to these changes in operations, this year’s Spring Clean-Up schedule will be changing intermittently, & productivity may be affected.
We appreciate your understanding during this time.

Please be advised the CBJ Public Works Streets and Fleet Division is in the process of  performing Spring Clean-up operations to remove winter pea rock and debris from the roadway, clean out storm drain catch basins and sumps. More congested areas of the Borough require scheduling, coordination and the public’s assistance in order to effectively clean.

Notifications will be posted in areas that are to be cleaned with the yellow “NO PARKING” signs that are used for street maintenance operations. We will try to post these notices at least one day prior to performing the work. If you see these signs in your area, please remove your vehicle from the streets during the date and time indicated to facilitate an efficient operation. This will allow us to successfully clean necessary streets.

Heavy rains can prevent this work from being performed. So all operations are WEATHER PERMITTING.  Operations will begin at 8 a.m. and continue until completion. The current schedule is as follows and will be updated weekly.

Thank you for your patience and assistance.

Schedule 2021

(check back regularly for revisions)

 Date Street Name From To
Tuesday, May 11thPark Street5th Street6th Street
Tuesday, May 11thKennedy Street4th Street5th Street
Tuesday, May 11th5th StreetKennedy StreetNelson Street
Tuesday, May 11th6th StreetEast StreetNelson Street
Tuesday, May 11thNelson Street5th Street6th Street
Wednesday, May 12thBasin RoadEast StreetTrestle
Wednesday, May 12thEast Street4th StreetBasin Road
Wednesday, May 12th8th StreetBasin RoadGold Street
Wednesday, May 12thGold Street5th Street8th Street
Wednesday, May 12thA Street11th Street12th Street
Wednesday, May 12th11th StreetGlacier Ave.A Street
Thursday, May 13th7th StreetMain StreetHarris Street
Thursday, May 13thHarris Street3rd Street7th Street
Thursday, May 13th6th StreetEast StreetGold Street
Thursday, May 13th5th StreetEast StreetGold Street
Thursday, May 13th4th StreetHarris StreetGold Street
Thursday, May 13th3rd StreetHarris StreetGold Street
Friday, May 14th6th StreetGold StreetMain Street
Friday, May 14th5th StreetGold StreetMain Street
Friday, May 14thSeward Street5th Street6th Street
Friday, May 14th10th StreetB StreetGlacier Ave.
Friday, May 14thB Street10th Street12th Street
Tuesday, May 18thGoldbelt Ave.7th StreetCalhoun Ave.
Tuesday, May 18thDixon StreetW. 9th StreetCalhoun Ave.
Tuesday, May 18thW. 7th StreetMain StreetDead End
Tuesday, May 18thW. 6th StreetMain St.Dead End
Tuesday, May 18thW. 5th StreetMain St.Dead End
Tuesday, May 18thFranklin Street4th Street6th Street
Wednesday, May 19thGold Street2nd Street5th Street
Wednesday, May 19thC Street9th Street12th Street
Wednesday, May 19thMaple StreetWillow DriveEnd
Wednesday, May 19thWillow DriveAsh StreetEnd
Wednesday, May 19thAsh StreetAngus WayEnd
Thursday, May 20thD StreetW. 9th StreetW. 12th Street
Thursday, May 20thJudy LaneColeman StreetEnd
Thursday, May 20thColeman StreetJudy LaneHighland Drive
Thursday, May 20thHighland DriveGlacier Ave.End
Friday, May 21stW. 9th StreetC StreetCapital Ave.
Friday, May 21stCapital Ave.W. 9th StreetCalhoun Ave.
Friday, May 21stW. 10th StreetCapital Ave.Gold Creek
Friday, May 21stW. 11th StreetCapital Ave.Gold Creek
Friday, May 21stA StreetW. 9th StreetW. 11th Street
Friday, May 21stB StreetW. 8th StreetGold Creek
Tuesday, May 25thGastineau Ave.Top of HillEnd
Tuesday, May 25thTroy Ave.Spruce StreetEnd
Tuesday, May 25thSpruce StreetGlacier Ave.Troy Ave.
Wednesday, May 26thGastineau Ave.2nd StreetTop of Hill
Wednesday, May 26thGold Street1st Street2nd Street
Wednesday, May 26thParks StreetSpruce StreetBehrends Ave.
Wednesday, May 26thAlder StreetSpruce StreetLower Evergreen
Wednesday, May 26thHemlock StreetSpruce StreetHermit Street
Thursday, May 27thBehrends Ave.Glacier Ave.Ross Way
Thursday, May 27thRoss WayBehrends Ave.Glacier Ave.
Thursday, May 27thGlacier Ave.Ross WayHighland Drive
Thursday, May 27thSeater StreetMartin RoadSpruce Street
Friday, May 28thMain Street7th Street5th Street
Friday, May 28thEvergreen Ave.Angus WayMartin Road
Friday, May 28thMartin RoadEvergreen Ave.Irwin Street
Friday, May 28thIrwin StreetMartin Road12th Street
Wednesday, June 2ndDistin Ave.Calhoun Ave.End
Wednesday, June 2ndW. 8th StreetCalhoun Ave.End
Wednesday, June 2ndHermit StreetMartin RoadEnd
Wednesday, June 2ndRheinhardt StreetMartin RoadEnd
Thursday, June 3rdUpper Evergreen Ave.EndEnd
Thursday, June 3rdPine StreetEvergreen Ave.End
Thursday, June 3rdF Street12th Street8th Street
Thursday, June 3rdIndian Street9th StreetDistin Ave.
 Date Street Name From To