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Junk Vehicles Accepted!

1725 Anka — Turn off Old Glacier Highway as if going to Costco

  • Do I need to bring any document? No, but you will need to fill out an “Ownership Responsibility Form” available at the collection site.
    • What’s on it? Vehicle information (Year, Make & Model, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Color, Address, Phone Number, AKDL Number).
    • Your Signature is your statement of responsibility and all liability for the vehicle you bring in AND your agreement to send the title to DMV with the word “Junked” written across it.
    • No vehicle will be accepted without this form filled out and signed.
  • What Vehicles are Accepted? Cars, pick-ups, vans, motorcycles, RVs, travel trailers, and licensed trailers. All must have been registered in Juneau.
  • What do I have to do to the vehicle? The vehicle must be empty… free of garbage, scrap metal and can only have one spare tire. RVs and travel trailers must be free of any biohazards (sewage tank removed), and no furniture or appliances. You do not have to drain any fluids or remove gas tank. We will do that.
  • Who is eligible to participate? Any Juneau resident — no commercially-owned vehicles will be accepted. If the vehicle is found to be owned by a business, that business will be billed for the full value of junking the vehicle. The vehicle must have been registered in Juneau.

Where do I Recycle?

Skookum Recycling will take eligible vehicles for FREE!

Skookum Recycling

Summer Hours

March 1st – October 1st

Mon – Sat: 8AM – 5PM

Sun: Closed 

Winter Hours

October 1st- March 1st

Tues – Sat: 8AM – 5PM

Sun & Mon: Closed