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Safe Needle Disposal Recommendations


  • Needles injure people, spread germs, and spread diseases
    like HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, tetanus, and syphilis


  • Throw needles in the garbage, flush them down the toilet, or put them in recycling containers
  • Try to cap, bend, or clip the needles


  • Learn how to safely dispose of needles and other sharps
  • Place all sharps in a puncture-resistant container like the one-quart sharps containers being issued, a one-liter soda bottle, one gallon orange juice container, plastic laundry detergent container, or a coffee can with a sealing lid.
  • Clearly label the container as medical waste and seal it tightly prior to disposal.
  • Drop-off filled containers at approved collections sites (see list on the left) Make a Difference
  • Get on social media “Juneau – Stop Heroin, Start Talking” to find out more and add your support for ongoing efforts

For more detailed instructions about proper safety and handling of sharps, please download the PDF below.

Sharps Collection Locations:

Downtown Fire Station
820 Glacier Ave
Glacier Fire Station
1700 Crest Ave

Mon-Fri 8a – 4:30p


HHW Facility
5600 Tonsgard Ct
Lemon Creek


8:00am – 4:30pm

Photo of various prescription drugs

Dispose of Prescription and Over the Counter Medications at:

Juneau Police Department Lobby Dropbox
6255 Alaway Ave.
Monday – Friday 8am to 4:30pm

Sharps Container

If you find a needle outside and don’t feel comfortable disposing of it, email [email protected] and CBJ will collect and safely dispose of it.