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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take lawn clippings or branches?
You can easily compost them in your own backyard! RecycleWorks is currently working on a pilot program to compost yard and food waste. Stay tuned for more information this fall.

Where do recyclables go?
Recyclables that are collected in Juneau are packaged up and sent down south to recycling facilities that repurpose the materials, often the commodity has a market value and is sold. Revenue received by the CBJ goes to offset the cost of the recycling program.

Does any of my recycling get landfilled?
Glass is crushed and used as a road base for landfill operations. Without glass, crushed rock would need to be used which would expend resources and uses fuel for crushing and delivery.

Does recycling save trees?
Every ton of paper that is recycled saves 17 trees.

Is it necessary to rinse my recyclables?
Recyclables need to be rinsed or wiped to remove organic debris.

Can I recycle my used pizza box?
No. Generally pizza boxes are full or left over food bits and lots of grease which is not good for the recycling process. Pizza boxes are great for composting though!

What do i do with my old TV, refridgerator, or other house hold appliance?
TV’s, computers, printers and most other electrical appliances are accepted at the HHW at no cost to you! Household Hazardous Waste

Refrigerators are accepted at:

What is the CBJ doing about the landfill? It only has a 20 year life expectancy.
The CBJ does not own or operate the landfill or the collection and hauling of garbage. The CBJ RecycleWorks program intends to divert materials from the landfill to be beneficially reused and safely disposed of. The program recycles materials whenever possible and in some cases receives revenue to offset the cost of the program. By diverting materials from the landfill, we are extending the life of the landfill.

Where Do I Recycle?

Capitol Disposal (Landfill)
5600 Tonsgard Court. (Map)

Recycling Hours:

Tuesday – Friday          7:00am  –  5:00pm

Saturday                        8:00am  –  5:00pm

(907) 780-7801

Residential Curbside Pickup up of Recycling and Garbage


(907) 780-7800

Residential/Commercial Pickup of Composting


[email protected]

(907) 419-5763

Recycling Studies

Municipal Composting Feasibility Assessment – Cedar Grove Report 7-5-2016