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Juneau Douglas Treatment Plant Electrical Upgrades


Completion Date: 
January 07, 2022

Contractor: Northern Powerline Constructors, Inc. dba Chatham Electric

Contract Amount: $559,000

Project Manager: Alan Steffert, PE
Phone: 907-586-0800 ext. 4190
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The Juneau Douglas Wastewater Treatment Plant motor control center (MCC) has exceeded its useful life and is to be upgraded under this contract. The upgrade work includes but is not limited to: demolition of existing MCC room internal walls, flooring, ceiling and windows, with hazardous (HAZMAT) material abatement required during wall demolition; installation of temporary power generator and feeds to maintain plant operations during construction; demolition of obsolete electrical equipment, conduits and conductors; construction of new internal walls, interior finishing, exterior windows, and concrete housekeeping pad; installation of heating and cooling equipment, and lighting; installation of new electrical equipment including CT enclosure, main breaker, ATS, distribution panels, MCCs including VFDs; and, installation of all equipment required for a complete and operable control system  - network panel/cabinet, PLC control panel, telephone punch down cabinet, etc.


Contractor shall coordinate their work with the Owner’s PLC and SCADA system integrator to provide a complete and operable control system.


Contractor will be required to coordinate their work with AELP who are replacing the service utility transformer and conductors under a separate contract.