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2021 - Taku Seawalk Releveling Project

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Project Details

CBJ Contract #: DH22-007

Contractor: Island Contractors Inc.

Consultant: PND Engineers Inc.

Start Date: December 13, 2021

Completion Date: Early February 2022

Contact: Matthew Sill, P.E.

Phone: (907) 586-0398

Seawalk 2021 condition (BEFORE)

Project Overview

The seawalk adjacent to the Taku Lot consists of a timber deck installed directly on the fill below.  The fill has been subsiding over  the life of the seawalk, and the seawalk is no longer flat or level.  Access to nearby private property was becoming hazardous, so the releveling project was proposed to restore the seawalk to it's original condition.

The project work includes the removal of a section of the existing timber deck, the addition of new fill material and geotextile fabric, the installation of new concrete footings under the timber deck, and the reinstallation of the existing timber deck.  Approximately 45% of the timber decking is anticipated to be replaced with new timber decking as part of the releveling project.



Island Construction preparing to remove decking.
View of the Construction Area
Island Construction moving equipment into position.