Docks & Harbors Projects

2021 - Harris Harbor Anode Installation

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Project Details

CBJ Contract #: DH21-036

Contractor: Global Diving and Salvage

Consultant: CBJ Docks and Harbors

Construction Cost: $187,801.21

Start Date: September 17, 2021

Completion Date: September 25, 2021

Contact: Matthew D. Sill, P.E.

Phone: (907) 586-0398

Anodes staged in the Harris Parking lot prior to installation

Project Overview

Harris Harbor was rebuilt in 2005 with new floats and float piling.  At that time, there was insufficient funding available to install protective anodes on the piling to prevent their deterioration.  This project installs anodes on all of the float piling supporting the floats in Harris Harbor.  The project included furnishing and installing 212 ea. 8"x8"x36" anodes each weighing 230 pounds.  Two anodes were installed on each pile.

The anodes were welded on the piles by certified welder/divers working for Global Diving and Salvage.


Anodes staged by each pile.
Dive vessel
Topside workers assisting divers