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Riverbend Elementry Water Damage Repairs


Contractor: Carver Construction, LLC

Contract Amount: $1,032,768.00

Project Manager: Lisa EaganLagerquist
Phone: 907-586-0800 extension 4184
Email: Lisa.EaganLagerquist@Juneau.Org
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The WORK is generally described as follows:

Base Bid Item No. 1. Remove temporary flooring.  Prep surfaces and install new finishes including flooring, wall coverings and paint as indicated in the drawings providing permanent repairs from flood damage. This may include minimal Mechanical and Electrical work to removed and reinstall existing equipment as needed.

Base Bid Item No. 2. Provide water mitigation to the concrete slab as indicated in Specification Section 033511 Concrete Floor Finish and Contract drawings.  (Removal of temporary floor and cabinets shall be included in Bid Item 1.)

Additive Alternate No. 1. Paint exposed GWB ceiling structure in Library 113.