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Bartlett Regional Hospital Water and Sewer Upgrades


Contractor: Admiralty Construction

Contract Amount: $670,170.00

Project Manager: John Nelson
Phone: 907-586-0800 extension 4189
Email: John.Nelson@Juneau.Org
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The WORK covered in the Contract Documents includes baes course grading D-1, removal and replacement of sanitary sewer manholes with fiberglass baes liner, removal and replacement of sanitary sewer pipe, installation  of sanitary sewer service pipe and cleanouts, installation of 16” HDPE water main, installation of 16” butterfly valves, temporary water system, filling existing water main with slurry, installation of fire hydrant assembly, removal of fire hydrant assembly, 6-Inch water service to Bartlett House, asphalt pavement removal and replacement, chain link fence removal and resetting, topsoil and seeding, construction surveying, traffic control and other miscellaneous related WORK.