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Starting Nov. 30, new property owners required to disclose sale price

November 30, 2020 – News

Individuals who purchase property in the City and Borough of Juneau are now required to disclose to the Assessor’s Office how much they paid for their property. The new mandatory disclosure law applies to anyone buying property starting today, November 30. Read the ordinance here.

Alaska state law requires municipalities to assess property as accurately as possible. Price disclosure allows the Assessor’s Office to more accurately establish the value of properties, resulting in greater property tax equity between property owners.

The Assessor’s Office will be sending a letter and form to new property owners. The price you paid for your property will remain confidential. Only the date of the transaction will be included in the information available to the public. The sales data you provide will be compiled with all other sales data as part of determining assessed values using statistical analysis. The assessed value for your property will not be based solely on your sale price and may not be the same as the sale price.

For more information, contact the Assessor’s Office at 586-0333 or [email protected], or go to the Assessor’s Office webpage.