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Safety reminder: Secure truck loads properly to prevent road hazards

August 8, 2018 – FYI, News

Here’s a safety reminder from the City and Borough of Juneau about preventing road hazards by securing truck loads prior to entering the roadway or highway:

All commercial and private truck operators are required to verify and secure loads prior to entering the roadway. All loads must be secured from dropping, blowing away, or escaping its containment. These items pose a significant hazard for drivers directly behind and anyone else driving to avoid road debris and each other. Anyone operating a truck or other vehicle causing litter should promptly and safely remove all litter that was deposited.

For more detailed wording, please refer to CBJ ordinance 36.30.070.

This safety reminder is being issued in light of the accident in Anchorage last month where an 8-year-old boy was killed from a rock that fell from a truck, and other recent complaints.

For more information, contact Code Compliance Officer Nate Watts at 586-0752 or Nate.Watts@juneau.org.