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Permit Center taking phone calls and emails only

March 21, 2020 – News

To mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), as of Monday, March 23, the City and Borough of Juneau Permit Center will discontinue face-to-face interaction with customers and begin receiving permit applications digitally through email and phone. Pre-application meetings will be available by appointment over the phone. Permit Center staff will assist customers unaccustomed to emailing plans or filling out applications digitally; please call for assistance.

Inspections will continue at this time, but CBJ asks that all doors to buildings remain open during the inspection; any surfaces the inspector may touch be disinfected prior to their arrival; and the construction professional or homeowner on site remain in a separate area, more than 6 feet from where the inspection is occurring.

For information on permit applications and online submittals, please visit our website at www.juneau.org/community-development.

Permit Center staff will advise you when processes return to “business as usual.” In the meantime, find up-to-date information on CBJ’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic here.