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Juneau’s 14-day COVID-19 recap: July 4 – July 18

July 20, 2021 – News

Over the 14-day period from July 4 to July 18, there were 54 people in Juneau who tested positive for COVID-19 (that’s up from 19 during the previous two weeks):

  • 19 percent of the cases were associated with a cluster. The cluster is generated from the American Cruise Lines ship, the Constellation. Currently, there are 16 positive cases in the cluster with nine recovered.
  • Public Health attributed 59 percent of cases to secondary transmission, 30 percent to community spread, 2 percent to out-of-state travel, and 9 percent of the cases remain under investigation.
  • 95 percent of cases were contacted for contact tracing within 24 hours of a positive test being returned.
  • There is case positivity spread across various age groups, racial groups, and more cases in females than males (61 percent/39 percent).

Four variants of concern have been identified in Juneau (Alpha/B1.1.7, Beta/B.1.351, Gamma/P1, and Delta/B.1.617.2/AY.1). Variants appear to be gaining ground. The community is urged to be cautious. Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, is required to wear a mask inside CBJ facilities. In addition, the public is encouraged to mask in other indoor public settings, and take appropriate social distancing measures. Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, should get tested if experiencing even mild COVID symptoms.

Vaccine update:

  • 68.1 percent of the total population of Juneau has received at least 1 dose of vaccine and 64.7 percent has completed the vaccine series.
  • 91 percent of the population in Juneau age 65+ has received at least one dose of vaccine and 88 percent has completed the vaccine series.

This will be the last COVID-19 recap until Tuesday, August 10, due to staff being on leave. Please read the full Emergency Operations Center Reports, which include weekly recaps, here.