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Continuing CBJ services safely while hunkering down

March 24, 2020 – FYI

In keeping with the Assembly’s direction for residents to “Hunker Down,” beginning today, March 24, the City and Borough of Juneau has changed the way services are delivered to the public. If access to services in City Hall or the Municipal Way building are needed, citizens can enter City Hall through the main doors at 155 S. Seward Street where they will be greeted and directed as appropriate to staff for assistance.

There are plenty of ways to continue doing CBJ business while still hunkering down:

  • Find CBJ on the Web
    1. Go to juneau.org and look up the Department you need to work with
    2. Applications and forms for many common administrative services and benefits are available online
    3. This is the best way to reach the Sales Tax Office, the City Assessor, Accounts Receivable, Collections, Purchasing, the City Clerk, City Manager, Human Resources, and Lands Office, and Parks and Recreation
  • Send an Email
    1. Most forms and applications can be submitted by email to city staff
    2. Application forms can often be “scanned” simply by taking a clear picture
    3. Instructions for submitting forms and applications via email are on juneau.org
  • Give CBJ a Call
    1. City staff stand ready to answer calls
    2. Phone numbers for all CBJ Departments are available here
    3. City staff can answer questions and inform citizens of how to submit documents safely
    4. Can’t find what you are looking for? Give CBJ a call at 586-5240 and you will be routed to the appropriate person
  • Stick it in the Mail
    1. Address all mail to 155 S. Seward St, Juneau, AK 99801
    2. Indicate the department where the mail should be directed
  • Drop it Off
    1. Dropboxes are available at the following locations: Super Bear IGA, Foodland IGA, and outside City Hall main entrance.
    2. Payments and sales tax applications can be submitted via these drop boxes
    3. Documents requiring a time-stamp (bids, proposals) cannot be placed in drop boxes

As a very last resort, citizens may come in-person to the Cash Office at 155 South Seward. CBJ strongly recommends that seniors and those with health conditions NOT seek services in-person.

For more local news, information, and resources to help keep Juneau safe and healthy, go to juneau.org/covid-19.