2020 Cold Weather Emergency Shelter Building Solicitation

The City and Borough of Juneau is considering the purchase of a building to provide space for a cold weather shelter using federal CARES Act funding.

CBJ issued a building solicitation proposal on July 14 with a July 28 deadline. The solicitation period was then reopened on August 19 with an August 26 deadline. Potential sites for consideration include:

  • 201 Cordova Street
  • 1720 Crest Street (JMA building)
  • 1108 F Street (Bill Ray Center)
  • 247 Franklin Street (Glory Hall)
  • 1711 Glacier Ave (Breakwater Inn)
  • 224 Seward Street (Sommers Building)
  • 435 Willoughby Ave (Driftwood Hotel)
  • 535 Willoughby Ave (warehouse building)
  • Continuing to use the former armory building in Downtown Juneau
  • No site

A public information meeting was conducted on September 9th to review the letters of interest, get feedback, and discuss public process. Solicitation responses, public information meeting materials, and evaluation matrix are available in the toggle boxes.

For more information, contact Chief Housing Officer Scott Ciambor at 586-0220 or Scott.Ciambor@juneau.org.