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2021 - Statter Harbor D Float Damage

Project Progress Bar with Five Steps: 1. Planning, 2. Design, 3. Permitting, 4. Construction, 5. Completed. Step 4 - Construction is selected.

Project Details

CBJ Contract #: DH22-024

Contractor: N/A

Contact: Matthew D. Sill, P.E.

Phone: (907) 586-0398

Damaged float in the snow

Project Overview

A late evening winter wind storm on November 25th 2021 caused post-tensioned cables within the float modules to break, which led to the collapse of one concrete module and damage to another.  After the cable broke, the finger float was unrestrained on one side but tensioned on the other, which caused the finger to rotate until it was touching the adjacent finger float.

Docks and Harbors staff assisted patrons on the night of the storm to relocate to portions of the harbor not impacted by the damaged float.

On Friday, November 26th, D&H staff returned with a larger crew and removed the remaining vessels from the damaged fingers and installed temporary cables to restrain the fingers and prevent further damage.

D&H engineering staff began planning the repair effort and procuring replacement parts immediately.  Bellingham Marine Inc. (BMI) in Washington State was the original manufacturer of the float modules, and they were contacted and requested to provide a quote to provide two replacement float modules.

On December 17th, BMI responded to D&H's request for a quote to replace the damaged modules,  and were given the Notice to Proceed on December 23.

With the float components on order, D&H staff began work on the construction bid process to select a contractor to perform the repair work.  Plans and Specifications were prepared and the request for bids (RFB) was advertised from Feb. 1 2022 to Feb. 22 2022.  No contractors responded to the request for bids.  The original bid documents may be found below.

The replacement float modules shipped from Washington state on Mar. 7, 2022.




Broken finger float at Statter Harbor
Broken finger float at Statter Harbor
Broken finger float at Statter Harbor