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2022 - Juneau Cruise Ship Dock Electrification Study

Project Progress Bar with Five Steps: 1. Planning, 2. Design, 3. Permitting, 4. Construction, 5. Completed. Step 1 - Planning is selected.

Project Details

CBJ Contract #: DH20-037

Consultant: Haight & Associates / PND Engineers / Alaska Energy Engineering / McDowell Group

Construction Cost: $226,895

Contact: Erich Schaal

Phone: (907) 586-0397
Email: [email protected]

Cruise Ship landing on dock

Project Overview

The desired project will revalidate the efforts of the 2016 Shore Tie Power Feasibility Study; develop conceptual plans, options and cost estimates to add electrical service to the two CBJ owned dock facilities; consult with the local electrical utility company to evaluate and estimate what impact additional cruise ship berth electrical connections would have to the Juneau rate payers; evaluate opportunities to reduce the carbon output of cruise ships moored in Juneau Harbor; based on the existing mooring configuration consult with the cruise ship industry to determine shore-side standardization connections to provide the industry with the most versatile electrical connection; and, consult as practicable with the design team planning infrastructure investment at the Sub-Port Lot to determine the viability and financial risk of providing power at potentially four large cruise ship docks.