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Alaska-Juneau Maritime Services Center

Project Details

Contact: Erich Schaal

Phone: (907) 586-0397

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Project Overview

The Alaska / Juneau Marine Navigation Management Center will perform two principal functions:

• It will be the co-location “nerve center” for both local Port of Juneau port management functions, and the regional, state and international navigation management support functions of the Marine Exchange of Alaska.

• It will be the primary Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the Port of Juneau, and can serve in that capacity for regional and even statewide emergency responses, including as a key component in statewide USCG search and rescue (SAR) efforts for all classes of vessels, including thousands of fishing vessels in Alaska waters. A secondary function will be that, when not in use as the EOC, much of the ground floor space of the Center will serve as a Maritime Education and Interpretive Center open to the public.