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2021 - Small Cruise Ship Infrastructure Master Plan

Project Progress Bar with Five Steps: 1. Planning, 2. Design, 3. Permitting, 4. Construction, 5. Completed. Step 1 - Planning is selected.

Project Details

Consultant: Corvus Design / PND Engineers

Construction Cost: Estimate varies by concept

Start Date: Summer 2019

Completion Date: Summer 2021

Contact: Erich Schaal

Phone: (907) 586-0397
Email: [email protected]

Artist's Rendering of proposed Small Cruise Ship Dock

Project Overview

While large cruise ships represent the vast majority of cruise passengers in Juneau, the small cruise ship market has long been recognized as a valuable source of visitors. The small cruise ship market is growing, and it is growing without commensurate dock space to accommodate it. To better plan for small cruise ships, the City and Borough of Juneau contracted with a team lead by PND Engineers to conduct a Small Cruise Ship Master Plan. The team will analyze existing and future market demand, determine the needs and capacity for marine and shore side services, identify potential sites, and develop master plan recommendations with associated costs. The master plan will provide necessary background information and recommendations to allow the Port of Juneau to work with the Docks and Harbors Board and the public in prioritizing and delivering needed facilities to support small cruise ships visiting Juneau.