The CBJ must ensure that each hazardous chemical covered by OSHA’s hazard communication standard (HazCom) has an appropriate label that remains firmly attached and legible; just as importantly, we must make sure that all exposed employees know how to read the label and use the information it conveys to protect themselves.

 The CBJ must also have a physical agent data sheet (PADS) for heat stress, cold stress, hand-arm (segmental) vibration, ionizing radiation, lasers, noise, radio frequency and microwave radiation, or ultraviolet radiation that exceeds the threshold (1996 ACGIH-TLV) if it is present in the workplace. Each physical agent data sheet must be in English, be kept in any form, including but not limited to, in a manual of operating procedures, and may be designed to cover groups of physical agents if appropriate, and must be readily accessible during each work shift to employees at their work areas.