This past year, due to a need to increase security of information, I was asked to turn on an automatic screen lock and set it to begin after 10 minutes of computer inactivity.  I was not a fan of this idea because I felt like it wasn’t necessary.  I felt proud of myself and how secure I kept my computer.  I reasoned in my mind that whenever I walk away from the office I lock my computer.  Well, after being asked and reminded politely a few times, I conceded to the rule and setup the screen lock.

Surprisingly, after I stopped fighting this change, it made things simpler and better for me.  Now I don’t have to worry about losing confidential information when I step away from my computer.   I know my computer will lock and any information showing on the screen will be protected from view.

This scenario applies to safety.  How many times do we fight change only to find out that by relinquishing our old ways we have improved our lives?  So, when I visit you try to remember that I’m trying to point out safer, better ways to do things.  A certain resistance to change is natural, but if we are striving to continually learn and improve, we’ll have to set aside our past for a brighter future.