About 29% of emergency room visits are injury related.  Choking and inhalation episodes accounted for over 65,000 trip in 2015.

So, what should you do to prevent trips to the emergency room? Whether you are enjoying recreational activities or at work, here are four suggestions to avoid potentially life-altering injuries:

  1. Stay hydrated and well rested. This will reduce the likelihood of overuse and overexertion injuries.
  2. Check, adjust and control equipment. Look at your equipment before you start to use it, adjust whatever needs to be adjusted, and make sure you can and will be in control of it.
  3. Don’t ignore or make excuses for continued work or play. You are your own worst enemy if you ignore what your body or mind is telling you. Don’t “tough it out” or “shrug it off.” If you think you might be hurt, then stop and treat it. Prevention is the best long-term solution to injury.
  4. Before you decide to visit the ER, don’t forget to call the 24-hr nurse hotline if your healthcare provider is Premera: 1-800-841-8343