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  • LOCATION: Second floor in new north terminal, follow signs to “Badging”.
  • NO WALK-IN APPOINTMENTS – Monday-Thursday, 8am-3:00pm (closed Noon to 1:00pm)
  • Please call the Administration Office at 907-789-7821 for any help you may need.
  • BADGE RENEWALS can be scheduled 90 days prior to expiration for an appointment up to 30 days prior to expiration.
  • BADGE PAPERWORK AND TESTS have changed, effective 01/2023 (old tests not accepted after April 30, 2023).  PLEASE NOTE: Paperwork/tests are not available through the Badging Office.  Please print and bring in completed paperwork for your appointment.

Badging:  Bring completed paperwork to appointment (documents not available at Badging Office).

Lists of Acceptable Documents

General Instructions

How to get a badge -- Checklist:
How do I get a GA badge?View
How do I get a SIDA/Sterile Area/135-AOA badge?View
How to get a badge -- Checklist:
How to renew a badge -- Checklist:
How to Renew a GA BadgeView
How to Renew a SIDA Badge/Sterile Area/135-AOA BadgeView
How to renew a badge -- Checklist:

Tests (New) – Please bring completed test (dated 01/23) to your appointment. Old tests will not be accepted after April 30, 2023.