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The City and Borough of Juneau Assembly

The City and Borough of Juneau is a home-rule municipality. The City and Borough of Juneau Assembly has nine members including the Mayor who serves as presiding officer. Assembly members in the City and Borough of Juneau are elected on rotating three year terms at the regular municipal election held each first Tuesday in October. The Assembly’s work is to set policy for the city manager to enact, as CBJ is a “council/manager” home rule municipality form of government.

  • If you see a problem that needs fixing within CBJ, please use the “Connect With City Hall” form, and your comments will be forwarded to the City Manager’s office for appropriate department follow up.
  • To send an email to all Assemblymembers, Mayor & City Manager from your preferred email program – copy & paste:   [email protected]
  • You may send a “web form” message to individual Assembly members or the entire Assembly by clicking here

Public comment sent to the Assembly is not included in an Assembly packet, however, all correspondence to the Assembly is an “open record” in accordance with the State of Alaska Public Records Act and becomes a public document. Please also note that the Assembly members cannot read or respond to constituent mail that involves any matter which is or may become the subject to an appeal before the Assembly.

Watch Juneau Assembly meetings live on YouTube

Regular Assembly Meetings, Special Assembly Meetings, and Assembly Committee of the Whole Work Sessions are live-streamed on CBJ’s YouTube channel.

Assembly Grants

Assembly grants are awarded based on community need and the Assembly’s goals and priorities for the fiscal year. These grants are intended to provide community support for social services, economic development, arts and culture, tourism management and promotion, recreation, energy efficiency and sustainability. The Assembly prioritizes funding awards that focus on areas of extreme need in the community, including childcare and affordable housing.

Assembly grants are appropriated as part of the annual budget process in June of every year. Learn more about CBJ’s budget process here.

Historical figures for Assembly Grant recipients can be found here.