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Summer update from Eaglecrest

August 6, 2018 – News

Eaglecrest Ski Area has had quite a busy summer with big projects coming into completion and other projects ready to launch.

Ptarmigan Chair Ramp Construction: The old ramp was a large steel structure that was showing signs of aging and fatigue. The old steel ramp has been replaced with a fortified rock wall and ramp structure. The new ramp will provide a wider area that will hold snow better and allow Eaglecrest to lessen the grade of the off-ramp. The last of the materials have arrived. The completion of the ramp and installation of the new top shack is scheduled for completion by the end of August.

Reconstruction of Carl’s Bridge over the West Fork of Fish Creek: Carl’s Bridge was an old log bridge that supported the ski trail between the bottom of Ptarmigan and the bottom of Hooter Chair. The collapsed old bridge had caused a large flood last October around the bottom of Hooter chair and through the Maintenance Shop Yard. During this spring’s repair, Eaglecrest added a third overflow culvert under the summer road, rebuilt the rock walls on either side of the stream bed, and restacked a double course of fresh logs over the stream.

Trails: The Summer Trail Crew has been busy summer taking advantage of the dry sunny weather manicuring the slopes, removing saplings and brush across the mountain. The brushing and glade work enhances winter exploration of the mountain. The trail crew working in cooperation with the Juneau Mountain Bike Alliance is starting to added new features and tweaks to the Sourdough Mountain bike trail. New wood technical features are coming soon.

Snowmaking: Thanks to the CBJ Assembly, Eaglecrest received funding for expansion of its snowmaking system to install new snowmaking pipe and infrastructure to the top of Hooter and over to the bottom of Black Bear Chair. The project is currently in the planning and procurement process. This upgrade will set Eaglecrest up to handle Mother Nature’s twists and turns by fortifying a good strong base of snow to the higher elevations.

Hilda Divide Cabin Project with the Juneau Community Foundation: With the help of the Eaglecrest Foundation in concert with the Juneau Community Foundation, over $110,000 has been raised towards the fundraising goal of $125,000. The Army Corps of Engineers issued the permit for the access road and the site work. A host of volunteers have contributed time and resources to the project so far including MRV Architects, NorthWind Architects, Alaska Concrete Castings, Tripplette Construction, and many more. For more information or to contribute to the effort, please visit the Juneau Community Foundation website at http://juneaucf.org/

New Director: Erin Lupro is the new Director of Snow Sports School, Rental, Retail and Repair. Erin has been training under Jeffra Clough for the last couple of years and is perfectly suited to fill the big shoes left behind from Jeffra’s retirement. Eaglecrest is excited to see Erin bring her creativity to the program and continue the development of amazing adult and youth programing.

Mark Your Calendars:
August 27 – Eaglecrest Job Fair
September 4 – Season Pass sales start for the upcoming season
September 29 – Discover Eaglecrest Day
And, keep an eye out for locker renewal notices coming in the mail.